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Dear all

I really like this library, but the current version is already from June 2018, is QCustomPlot still actively maintained/developed or do I have to consider to switch to another library for my new projects?

Hi hkottmann,

QCP is being actively developed, albeit not at the high pace it was in the first years of inception since I prefer a lean and clean library to feature creep and bloat ;)

The upcoming patch release will re-establish compatibility with the newest Qt release (only minor issues arised). Further, the next minor release will among other things contain radial plot facilities in a tech preview state. This means it is fully usable, but will experience some public interface changes in the next major release (because I wanted to roll out the radial plot capability already in the QCP2 branch, and not keep it back until QCP3 entirely).
Further, the often requested axis skip feature is currently being investigated and experimented with. It allows to e.g. mask/hide weekends in the plot axis and data for financial charts. It is not clear yet whether a public interface change will be necessary in the end, but I will try my best to integrate it cleanly without, and thus already in the QCP2 branch.

Hi DerManu

Thank you very, very much for this positive answer, this will make me sleep well... Since I was all the time happy with QCustomPlot because it is very powerful and easy to use, has a lot of features that you can easy integrate in your software and it is still quiet small (not bloated as other libraries are).