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I am facing an odd problem. I want to build libqcustomplot.dll using a standard CMake setup on win10/msys64/mingw64. The library builds just fine but when I link it to an executable, the plot widget is unresponsive (no panning, no scroll-wheel-zoom...).
If I include the two source files in my code tree and compile them into my executable, the plot widget works fine.
If I compile them into a static lib that I then use while building my executable, the plot widgets works fine.

Does anybody know of some particular "art" to perform while building libqcustomplot.dll in this "cross-platform" setup?

I have gcc9.2.0
Qt 5.14.1

Thank you for any hint !


lancelot: thank you very much for this pointer. Crazy that I did not know about this, but understandable: I work only on GNU/Linux. All this export/import "art" does not exist there.