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Hi Arun, that's a great project!

Being a professional Origin user myself I can say that it is truly the time the world gets a modern plotting/data analysis software, particularly the open source world. Great to see a project like AlphaPlot is taking on that challenge!
Have you considered joining forces with Tilman and Knut from SciDAVis or even Ion from QtiPlot? It's been a very long time I had to do with them and don't know the current state, but maybe the projects can benefit from synergies.

Also, may I ask why you're sticking with Qt 4.8 rather than Qt5.x? Performancewise, Qt5 has quite an edge.

Thanks! Tilman and Knut from SciDAVis are not active anymore. Now the project is maintained by someone else. Maybe we can figure something out for the projects.
the latest release of AlphaPlot-1.01 uses Qt5.14 instead of Qt4