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Hi to all! You need to draw a graph with a break point. Is it possible to draw a graph by splitting it into parts? Or at least not connect the two adjacent points? Such as https://www.revisioncentre.co.uk/gcse/maths/1overx.gif
I have the option to draw two graphs but it worsens the view of the code.

yes, use qcpcurve

No, I don't think QCPCurve is the right plottable here, since he doesn't have loops.

But you can create gaps in your graph lines by inserting NaNs. The documentation of QCPGraph says:
Gaps in the graph line can be created by adding data points with NaN as value (qQNaN() or std::numeric_limits<double>::quiet_NaN()) in between the two data points that shall be separated.

Also note earlier item https://www.qcustomplot.com/index.php/support/forum/2053