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Hi guys,

i have a graph with several lines each with own ScatterShape. Because there are a lot of data Points per line, i don't see the ScatterShape, just a thick line with the defined Color, because the thousounds and thousands of data Points.

My question is: Is it possible to define that not every ScatterShape of every data Point should be painted? Is it possible to define to paint just every Xth ScatterShape in data Points vector?
I think this would increase the Performance and result in better look when the ScatterShapes are visible instead of a single thick line ^^

Greets Taneeda

Sorry, i forgot the Xth in title ^^

At the moment I'd recommend preselecting the data. I'm in fact currently working on an algorithm that performs adaptive sampling for high data count plots (e.g. above 100,000), which will do what you want automatically. This will probably be part of the next minor release.

Very great, thanks for the fast Response :)