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I'm search for answer here about disappearing elements in QCustomPlot, but not find exactly what I want. When I paint two separate graphs x(t) and y(t) - zooming (in/out) is perfect, where t is time. But when I paint x(y) - I have much problems (when zoom or drag) of fully incorrect view of my graph or disappearing graph (part or full) in view-rectangle. x and y data sets are exactly the same size, both 'doubles' type. The x(y) must looks like near-concentric circles, but on some zoom stages the curve is very distorted. Tried rescaleValueAxis(bool onlyEnlarge, bool inKeyRange) - not helped. Tried play with setRange for xAxis and yAxis - not helped. Maybe I should rec some video to show how far crashing x(y) while zooming. Any help?

maybe you need Parametric curves
see docs QCPCurve and examples Parametric curves

Thank you for your advice. Works good.