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Runtime Error: QCPAbstractPlottable::metaObject() <--- undefined symbolReturn to overview

Hello all,

in my project I get following runtime error on start of the executable :

undefined symbol: _ZNK20QCPAbstractPlottable10metaObjectEv

translating the message with c++filt I get: QCPAbstractPlottable::metaObject() const

my environment: ubuntu 16.04
Qt 5.9
QtCreator 4.5.2
QCustomPlot 2.0.1

Please, can anyone help me for this issue?

much thanks in advance

Maybe related to old build files? Try clearing your release and debug directory, and source directory of any onld build products.


Hello Isso,

thanks for your reply. Problem is solved, cause was a missing #include !
In this context I immediately switched to the latest QCustomPlot 2.0.1

best wishes

Wulf Gang