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The current selection method uses a separate QPen stroke color to show selection. now the issue is once I change the stoke color type or other properties of the selected plot component this won't be reflected unless you unselect the component. This may not be an issue in most of the cases but in my case it unfortunately is.


if I select the component from the right top object browser, the selection gets activated. once I change the properties, the change won't reflect in the graph bcoz of the selection.

any easy solutions ?

I think it is hard. maybe can save selector and restore selector. like QPainter save and restore

In addition, your property editor is very good, is it QtPropertyBrowser? Or did you write it yourself, is there a github link? thanks.

It is QtPropertyBrowser. This is part of alphaplot project https://github.com/narunlifescience/AlphaPlot

Excellent project, thank you

If you change the properties of the selection decorator associated with a graph (or the setSelectedBasePen/setSelectedTickPen/setSelectedSubTickPen properties of a QCPAxis), all that is needed is a replot() call to make the changes visible.

Thanks for the reply! but I am looking for something else
suppose I select an axis in the plot.. now by default the selection pen is blue and the axis gets selected and on selection, all the properties of the axis get displayed in a property editor. now I change the basePen property not the selectedBasepen using a GUI property editor. now bcoz the axis is selected, I won't be able to see any change. I understand that this is the way qcustomplot is designed to behave. I was wondering if I could reimplement a selection mechanism lets say like
without digging much into to qcustomplot.