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QCustomPlot seems to be perfect for plotting my data. I am using QT 5.1.1 and Visual Studio 2012. Can I use QCustomPlot with my configuration? Is there a tutorial to set up QCustomPlot with Qt5 and VS2012?

Thank you!

Hi don,

I don't use VS2012 but I know many people use QCustomPlot with VS successfully. In the simplest form, QCustomPlot can be included directly into your project as one .h/.cpp pair, just as if you had created a class yourself as part of the project. As described in the getting started tutorial, you have to add printsupport to the QT variable for qmake. People in the forum have reported that this can be done in the settings of the VS plugin that makes VS work with Qt.

Thank you DerManu! I imported the .h and .cpp file of QCustomPlot in my project, but I am still looking for the correct place to enter printsupport options. You mentioned the QT plugin but I don't know where to set printsupport in QT plugin. Can somebody add a link, where changing options in VS QT plugin for QCustomPlot is described?