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when set the type of an item(let say QCPItemLine) to ptAxisRectRatio, how should set x and y to give appropriate result.
I've read something about ptAxisRectRatio in documents but I did n't understand correctly, for example it says :
Static positioning given by a fraction of the axis rect size (see setAxisRect). "

I don't understand how to setAxisRect and how to set x & y correctly there is no example about it.
please, please , please help me .....

If your position type is set to ptAxisRectRatio, you can define the coordinates of the respective position in ratios of the axis rect, to which the item is bound to (QCPItemPosition::setAxisRect). For example, if you call setCoords(0, 0), the position will be at the top left corner of the axis rect. setCoords(1, 1) will be at the bottom right corner, setCoords(0.5. 0) will be horizontally centered and vertically at the top of the axis rect, etc.

You can also go beyond the axis rect by providing negative coordinates or coordinates larger than 1.

thank for your responce