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Segmentation Fault - QCPPaintBufferPixmap::clearReturn to overview

Note: I am working with a commerial license.

I get a segmentation fault on the mBuffer.fill in the next code.

void QCPPaintBufferPixmap::clear(const QColor &color)

The debug panel shows that 'mBuffer' is not accessible.

This call occurs on

// Method which calls
// And then calls:

The index i is 0 and replot() is called from the constructor.

I think that the graph data is empty, but that is not new.

I am checking what code change might have triggered this, but I'ld expect that the graphicsView does not fail for this.

This had to do with a #pragma pack(1) directive. I thought it applied only to the next typedef, but it has to be disabled through #pragma pack()