QCustomPlot Discussion and Comments

Dear Users and Emanuel,

Qt6 is coming around and should be available soon. QCustomPlot is compatible with Qt 5.12, but not with the next releases. I tried to use it with Qt 5.15 and I had many compilation issues with deprecated methods. From my understanding, there is a direct compatibility between Qt 5.15 and Qt6. So it should be straightforward to make QCustomPlot compatible with Qt6.

What are the plans regarding the update of QCustomPlot to make it compatible with recent Qt releases? Can we help somehow? Will it help you Emanuel if I change the source code to make QCustomPlot compatible with Qt 5.15 (and share it with you of course)? It is something you have already been working on may be?


Hi Vincent
Would you mind sharing publicly your code ?
Have you added new features since the last release ?

This post are related.


I haven't seen any news update on this since these replies.

I've done nothing for the moment. I was just proposing my help, if needed ;-)


I made a while ago a version which compiles fine with Qt 5.15.2, taking care of all deprecated warnings. This version still does not compile with Qt6. There seem to be changes in QMap/QMultiMap inheritance, and the corresponding iterators behave strange so far. Not sure if this is a Qt6 bug, as the documentation is not yet fully available.


Just to clarify: its not a Qt Bug. The QMultiMap-Class has been changed in Qt6, but the required changes in qCustomPlot are easy to do.


OK Oliver thanks for the information!


Would anyone who has patched the current version of QCustomPlot to build with Qt 6 be willing to share their patch? Qt 5.15.x is broken for my env and Qt moved the release that will fix it to closed source so looks like I will be moving to Qt 6 sooner than I would of wanted.

I very much hope to launch a new version 2.0.2 for Qt 5.15.2.
If it is possible, I also hope that the 3.0.1 beta version can be launched for Qt 6.0.0.

What date can we expect the release of the version for Qt6 ?