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I am newbie to qc.
How do I create a plot with multiple graph and each graph has non-overlapped axis like
05| ----trace---
050| --- trace ---

Thank you.

use multi axisrect. Just like the examples

Thank you Aaa.
But what I want to do is a bit different.
I think your idea is to create layout and put each item to the cell.
This works but plot area cannot be overlapped.
what I want to do is having common x axis and each trace can be
overlapped with non-overlapped y axis.

10 <data_b>
05 100 ------------- trace a -----
00 050 --------------trace b -----

This feature is not implemented out of the box by the QCP library.

What you could do :

- use a 1x2 grid layout
- in the first cell (0,0), add as many axisrect as graph you want to display in a vertical layout; Hide everything except the x Axis, and set the scale you want to use.
- in the cell (0,1), add the real axis rect where you will add graphs. And for each graph you will create a hidden X Axis.
- for each X hidden Axis, you will have to calculate the scale to use, which depends on the rowStretchFactor of the corresponding visible axis in the first cell, the height, margins, rowSpacing...

Sorry for the errors in my post, I was obviously talking about Y Axis all the way.

Thank you for great idea. But this is complex for me.
This time I choose simple separate plotter instead.