So i am using QCP to liveplot some sensor data, which worked like a charm when i ran a loop within the liveplot class plotting some random values to see if it works. Now that i started splitting everything up into threads and feeding some real data into the plot.

The thread to display the data works quite simple:

void LivePlot::paint(QPainter* painter)
    if (CustomPlot_)
        QPixmap picture(boundingRect().size().toSize());
        QCPPainter qcpPainter(&picture);
        painter->drawPixmap(QPoint(), picture);

void LivePlot::drawVal(double val_pair)
    static double tsp = 0;
    CustomPlot_->graph(0)->addData(tsp, val_pair);
    CustomPlot_->yAxis->setRange(val_pair - 10, val_pair + 10);
        CustomPlot_->xAxis->setRange(tsp - 200, tsp + 200);

void LivePlot::listenDataStream()
    static double old = 0;

    while (DataStream.running())
        if (value != old)
            old = value;

void LivePlot::startDataListener()
     std::thread* refresh_thread_ = new std::thread([this]{listenDataStream();});

Feeding data into the object looks like so (displaying the data doesnt need to be 100% correct, skipping a few values is fine hence just changing a member in the liveplot object is fine (would appreciate any tips on how to solve this more elegant though). Also here im just working with a dummy dataset emulating the sensor, doesnt really make any difference to pulling real data):

  std::list<double>* lyst = new std::list<double>;
  for (size_t i = 0; i < mmhg->size(); i++)
        QTime dieTime= QTime::currentTime().addMSecs(10);

        // algorithm here filtering sample and detecting peaks within
        // a moving  window, no problem here since removing it
        // yields the same error 
        liveplot_->value = filtered_val;
        while (QTime::currentTime() < dieTime){}

After debugging for quite some time the backtrace seems to look like this most of the time:

ASSERT failure in QVector<T>::at: "index out of range", file C:\Qt\5.15.1\mingw81_64\include/QtCore/qvector.h, line 455
Depth   Function
5           QVector<double>::at
6           QCPGrid::drawGridLines
7           QCPGrid::draw
8           QCPLayer::draw
9           QCustomPlot::draw
10         QCustomPlot::toPainter
11         LivePlot::paint
12         QSGDefaultPainterNode::paint()
13         QSGDefaultPainterNode::update()

The code section in qcustomplot.cpp starting line 7333 looks like so :

 for (int i=0; i<tickCount; ++i)
      if (i == zeroLineIndex) continue; // don't draw a gridline on top of the zeroline
          t = mParentAxis->coordToPixel(mParentAxis->; // y
          painter->drawLine(QLineF(mParentAxis->mAxisRect->left(), t, mParentAxis->mAxisRect->right(), t));

Even checking if the index exists if (i < mParentAxis->coordToPixel(mParentAxis->mTickVector.size())) before accessing it will crash at access.

The error doesnt come up at the same time everytime, however it comes up everytime, sooner or later.
Would greatly appreciate any help/tips for any workarounds