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I have a problem with the instruction removeItem, the customplot object may has two items at same time, one QCPItemLine and a QCPItemText, the line is changing position with a mouse drag event, and each time need be removed, and place in the new position, The text is keep, but I dont know wich item is the line and what is the text, the index is changing once the line is removed and place it again, I cant remove the correct object, How identifiy in what index is the line object?

Also I dont understand the use of overloaded function removeItem(*item), simply why I want to remove and object that recently create and add in same function, this function is nonsense, needs that objects be global, is almost useless.

Resolved, really easy, using findchild function

i wouldnt remove it each time, i would just change the position of it. you could also just keep a pointer to it in your code (that's what we do)