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hi, i m trying to use QCustomPlot to receive data points from the user, then send this data to an arduino. I want the user to enter various values like (500.5; 600.6; 700.7), then I want to get all intermediate values for that data

user enter value 500,5 and 600,6 in the graph
the output (500,5),(550,5.5),(600,6)



(500, 01:10:00), (600,1:20:00)


(500,01:10:00), (510,01:11:00), (520,01:12:00), (510,01:12:00) ... (600,01:20:00)

ps: i am using time for the y value,

Sorry for the bad explanation, for some reason I can't express what I want to do


You just have to interpolate linearly your data. I do not understand where is the problem. Can you give us more information to help me understand where is the difficult point?


your data in the graph should already be sorted... you should be able to use qLowerBound to find the iterator for the first value and then just iterate through the values until you get to the last one?