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Hi, i have one question: the QCustomPlot can set the data quantity which saved by it?
Because i tryed realtime data show function: curve number is 5, which curve contain 10000 data points in the window; i observed QCustomPlot occupy around 25~30% CPU usage, and when QCustomPlot run few minutes, the UI is blocked; is there solution to resolve it?

if i had to guess, you are redrawing the graph way too often (i assume you are redrawing every time new data comes in). You should be updating the data every time the data comes in and then only redrawing once every 500ms or 1000ms.

Hi ian, thanks for you reply; when redrawing once every 500ms, the CPU usage will reduce to ~10%, it's improved much; by the way, do you know if the QCustomPlot support define the data length that stored by it?