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Good Morning guys,
I'm using QCPColorMap to show my data information. i would like to give the possibility for user to edit a few data using selection data procedure. Does it exist any example to understand how implementing selection data procedure??



First place I would go would be there :


You should be able to find a good starting point and it should be quite easy to adapt the approach to image ;-)


As first thing, i have analyzed the link that you suggest me. In the case "

", i haven't any problem, because i used the selectionChanged event to show information. But i have the problem with "
", because the selection procedure doesn't generate the event (selectionChanged).

may be you can give us more details on how you want to edit the data? Pixel by pixel? Several pixels at the same time?

Maybe, in the previous message, i didn't explain in the details what's my goal. I want select several data from QCPColorMap at the same time (i.e. as when a user selected folders on desktop pc), and when they are selected, i would like to change value. I proved to search a few example, but other the manual, i didn't find nothing.