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Hi all,

I'm trying to programmatically select data ranges in a graph.

I have the following settings:

plot->setInteractions(QCP::iRangeDrag | QCP::iRangeZoom | QCP::iSelectPlottables);

When I call:


there is no visual feedback. The data is still not selected in the drawing.
I see that there is a lot of code inside processRectSelection() that is not present in setSelection().

Is this expected ? How can I make the selection visually updated ?


Found the issue. Turns out that setting the selection inside QCustomPlot::mouseRelease() is not okay since the code calling this handler does a lot of stuff after calling it.
This makes "adjusting" the selection not possible (for e.g. select a little before/after the user rect).

I had to play with flags enable/disable to make it work correctly.

void myUI::slot_plotMouseRelease(QMouseEvent *e)
  QCustomPlot *plt = qobject_cast<QCustomPlot *>(QObject::sender());
  if ( !plt )

  if ( e->button() != Qt::LeftButton )

  // BUG: selectionRect().isActive() is true as soon as left button is pressed
  // should be true only if mouse has moved a little
  if ( qAbs(plt->selectionRect()->rect().width()) > 3 ) {
    // unable to select data range without this flag
    plot->setInteraction(QCP::iSelectPlottables, true);

  // single click with no selection -> select "single" data

  // BUG must cancel this flag so that it won't cancel
  // our selection code below because rect is null
  plot->setInteraction(QCP::iSelectPlottables, false);

  // now set custom selection