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Zooming just yAxis and lock the pan a pointReturn to overview

when user zooin or out just yaxis should affect xaxis shouldnt change. also how can I first zoom factor for xaxis.

and then is there a way to lock pan.for example it will start 0 point for x and wont slide to -1 but it can go 2 3 4 ...

Thank you.

There is a samplecode, which shows:

- user clicks on one axis
- zooms in/out -> only selected axes changes

I think the second thing you asked is just the axis range option?

found it: Go to

Tutorials -> User Interactions -> Multi-Part objects

thank you also do you know how can I get current range user see after zoom in/out and drag :) I couldnt find any example and any referral in documentation

I am not quite sure if I understand what you want to do... do you want to read out into a variable the values on the axis the user sees right now after he zoomed in/out?

for example we have two or more plotter and if user zoom one of them other will be zoomed and same thing should be happen when user drags graps also all graphs carry time series that way they have same xAxis but different yAxis2