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savePDF gives expected result on screen but wrong Return to overview

savePDF gives a perfect clone of the plot on screen while opened with Acrobat, Firefox, Brave; etc. but when sent
to a printer, the plot is "simplified" with straight lines or "blocks" (where the plot was very "noisy")
It is a plot with up to 5 graphs, log scale on the left, linear scale on the right.
The prints are different depending on the printers.
Where is the problem ? Any idea of how to fix this trouble ?
Thank you, J.

From the Acrobat print dialog, try selecting Advanced, print as image. I don't know if it will help for your problem, but it does sometimes fix PDFs that don't print as expected.

Thanks for the trick, it works with print as image - don't know on which side is problem: PDF readers or in the savePDF code.
Unfortunately, the users want a PDF to insert in the report document... Other simple solution save as png.
Thank you

Given that the PDFs display properly in various viewers, my guess is that the problem is in the print drivers. Another trick to try would be printing to PDF and see if the 2nd generation PDF looks right in a viewer and prints properly. Sounds like you're in a production environment and added steps in the workflow are not what you'd like...