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Problem building QCustomPlot 2.1.0 for Qt 6.2 on Windows 10Return to overview

I have only just begun to use Qt6 (actually Qt 6.2) and started seeing which of my various projects breaks with this conversion from my present version, Qt 5.15.

Until I downloaded Qt6, I had not been motivated to download the new QCustomPlot V2.1.0. However, QCustomPlot is a critical package for me and I use it in a significant number of my projects.

Unfortunately, my QCustomPlot 2.1.0 build fails with Qt 6.2. I get an error compiling moc_qcustomplot.cpp. I have basically no understanding of the moc files and have never before found need to debug moc failures.

Has anyone experienced a comparable failure?
Does anyone have suggestions for how to track down the source of the problem?

I am building in and for Windows 10 .

Hello Mhkelley,
Take a look the recommendation "QT 6.2 patch" in the message thread