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Problem in deconstruction the QCustomPlot Class using Pyqt5Return to overview

I use QCustomplot2 in Python, and want to destroy the QCustomPlot.QCustomPlot Class manually, like clink a button to free it in the Interactive process, but it failed.
I have tried some king of methods to free the Class instance, such as : 1) using sip.delete(), 2)using _instance.deleteLater().Unfortunately it doesn't work with the unique Class, and with error raising end. And because is use the sip-like method to call the QCustomPlot package, I have no idea to debug the deconstruction process.
Furthermore, I found the error arose only when the Class instantiation followed by the entry of QApplication.exec_() main loop. Once the instance pass through the main loop and has been remembered, it seems that some implicit association happened and can't free it manually. If you instantiate the Class, and use sip.delete() after that(or you can also addgraph(), NO PROBLEM!!), is works well. Another case is that if you addgraph() and use 'replot()', error arise also.
Is there any solution to support the deconstruction of the QCustomPlot.QCustomPlot Class manually?

how to use QCustomPlot in python?

pip install QcustomPlot2, after have installed PyQt5.