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Using Simple plot of two graphs, tick marks/labels on 2nd axis don't updateReturn to overview

I adapted example Simple plot of two graphs to my own purpose. For my data, first and second plot have same x & y axis, but I wanted the tick labels to appear on right side (yAxis2) as well. So I commented out

as shown below.

But I've noticed during mouse-wheel zoom, the tick marks and labels for yAxis1 update as expected, but the tick marks/labels for yAxis2 do not. Am I not understanding what the connect/rangeChanged is supposed to do?

// configure right and top axis to show ticks but no labels:
// (see QCPAxisRect::setupFullAxesBox for a quicker method to do this)
//customPlot->yAxis2->setTickLabels(false);  // -- tick labels appear on right side.
// make left and bottom axes always transfer their ranges to right and top axes:
connect(customPlot->xAxis, SIGNAL(rangeChanged(QCPRange)), customPlot->xAxis2, SLOT(setRange(QCPRange)));
connect(customPlot->yAxis, SIGNAL(rangeChanged(QCPRange)), customPlot->yAxis2, SLOT(setRange(QCPRange)));
// pass data points to graphs:
customPlot->graph(0)->setData(x, y0);
customPlot->graph(1)->setData(x, y1);
// let the ranges scale themselves so graph 0 fits perfectly in the visible area:
// same thing for graph 1, but only enlarge ranges (in case graph 1 is smaller than graph 0):
// Note: we could have also just called customPlot->rescaleAxes(); instead
// Allow user to drag axis ranges with mouse, zoom with mouse wheel and select graphs by clicking:
customPlot->setInteractions(QCP::iRangeDrag | QCP::iRangeZoom | QCP::iSelectPlottables);

I connected SIGNAL(rangeChanged) to my own SLOT for setRange which does not appear to get called.