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As of now (Oct 16, 2022) the last release is 1.5 years old (2.1.0 from march 29, 2021).
It supports Qt until version 6.0, while current version is 6.4. There are known issues and a patch for Qt 6.2 (see https://www.qcustomplot.com/index.php/support/forum/2380) but I did not get it working for Qt 6.3.
Is QCustomPlot still maintained?
Or should I consider using Qt's own QChartView for new projects?

Hi Herbysoft,
QCP is absolutely still maintained, the next release comes end of this month and will catch up with the newest Qt releases again.

Great news !
Thanks Manu


It looks like the 2.1.1 code isn't on gitlab, has the repo moved?

Best regards,

Hi Jeandet,
I'm in the process of switching to a self-hosted git repo, and the development has happened there. In the future the master and probably dev branches will be available through that.

Why not use github?


I'll also advocate for a GitHub repo from where you could take PRs, I'll would be delighted to contribute to QCP especially since it is so helpful in our lab!
The issue for me now, is that, I feel like I'm only using QCP and I don't feel like the current GitLab repo welcome contributions plus there is no obvious community of contributors with a kind of roadmap.
Does it come from the fact that you dual license QCP and don't want to have to handle a CLA stuff?

Best regards and thanks a lot for QCP!

No chance of getting the changes for 2.1.1 pushed to master at gitlab? I've setup my toolchain to compile my libs across several Qt versions using the full source tree. It is also easier to debug issues with the separated file structure.


Please find the current 2.1.1 at the QCustomPlot GitLab Repo: https://gitlab.com/DerManu/QCustomPlot
It is tagged "v2.1.1" in the master branch

Many thanks!!