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Can QCustomPlot plot wiggle plot?
Here is a demo of wiggle plot. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jkriege2/JKQtPlotter/master/screenshots/wiggleplot_y.png
it will be very useful

Yes, you can easily do this since QCP supports using the vertical axis as key axis. so you simply create a Graph for the line, and a graph with identical data, line style lsNone, and a fill for the black filling. That's it!

Sorry, maybe that's not what I want, like you said, it takes two Graphs to draw a filled Wiggle, it's redundant, and it fills both sides of the middle instead of just filling one side, which is not seismological, is there a better way?

Please refer to the figurehttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/jkriege2/JKQtPlotter/master/screenshots/wiggleplot_y.png