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Hi everyone,

Just want to know if there is a built-in way to stack vertically several yAxis and still allowing the graphs affected to a specific axis to use the whole height of the axisRect.

If someone has already faced this need, any help would be appreciated.


Do you mean like in the
demo, the left axis? Or really on top of each other? you could try playing with the setOffset or perhaps modifying the QCPAxis to report a minimum margin of 0.

Thanks for the reply.

When adding a new valueAxis, the axes are horizontally layed out, allowing graphs to use the whole height of the axisRect.
I would like to lay out value axes vertically.

The closest examples of what i want to achieve are seismogram or F1 lap telemetry plot.

I already tried to hack qcp and achieved to set the axis height and position, but before going further, just want to know if someone has faced this need and found a nice solution.