Hello Emanuel,

any chance there might be some updates coming soon. The OpenGL support is truly broken - I am developing an audio waveform and test generator. Enabling the OpenGL support causes larger than specified and extremely fuzzy aliased fonts and plots (much better when turned off - so I leave it off but it would be nice to have). I tried as many setting combinations exposed through your API as I could find along with the plot hints.

Also, the qcustomplot widget does not work well with windows lighting themes (I had implement custom colors for that - this should be automatic through the use of the QStyleFactory). The theme should react well to:


(or "Windows" or "windowsvista") as shown in the qt 6.6.x demo Gallery. When "Windows" is selected, changing the theme from the settings app, should (and does) change the widget styles for all other widgets except for the qcustomplot.

Anyway, great widget and thanks for sharing it.

John C