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I have QCustomPlot installed, with customplot.cpp and customplot.h included in my project. I have followed the instructions on your Tutorials page, "Setting up QCustomPlot" and "For QtCreator users". This all works well until I get to "promoting" the class:

>> In the appearing dialog, enter QCustomPlot in the input field next to Promoted class name. The input next to Header file should automatically fill with the correct qcustomplot.h value.

This works fine.

>> Hit Add to add QCustomPlot to the promoted classes list and finally hit Promote to turn the QWidget on your form into a QCustomPlot.

When I hit Add, an error window appears, stating, "the class QCustomPlot already exists". I close this error window and am unable to promote the class, since the promote button is not available.

I have tried a number of ways for progressing from this point that do not involve promotion, like searching for (an already existing) QCustomPlot in the search window (marked Filter) on the left hand side of mainwindow.ui, which contains the menu of layouts, buttons, widgets etc, but nothing is found.

I do have a second Qt project in which I have used QCustomPlot successfully, so I am wondering if something is bleeding over from that project to this one.

But, basically, at the moment I am stuck - any advice would be most welcome.


This problem has been resolved.