QCustomPlot Discussion and Comments

Can we plot 3D points with some modifications?I am new to this and would like to know.Thank you

No, QCP concentrates on 2D plotting. The only way to currently display data with three dimensions is via a colormap.

If you're hacker enough, and you want to get deep into math, you may create a 2D representation of your 3D object. Take a look here:
The website above is only meant for 2D graph plotting, but in the example I posted the functions added to it will create a 2D representation of a 3D object (scroll the list to the middle where you find a, b, and c variables, slide the slider to change their value and have fun). It's just fake 3D, unusable for real 3D applications; but actually, that's nothing different than what QCP should do if it was to have 3D graph plotting.