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"make" command does not compile(takes infinitely long time) the plot-examples program on raspberry piReturn to overview

I want to use QcustomPlot for plotting data read from an A/D converter.
I opened the examples folder and opened the program and then went on to compile and run it.
On LXTertminal, I made the plots folder as the current directory and did the following:
1. qmake -project
2. qmake plot-examples.pro
3. make

but when I type make and then "Enter", the raspberry pi takes a very very long time to make and freezes there indefinitely. So, i cannot run the program.

Any help anyone?

Compilation on the Raspberry PI is quite hard, because its CPU is quite slow and there is not much RAM. When compiling the examples, you use the "single-file" version of QCustomPlot, which is really big, maybe too big for the compiler to work it.

I can see two ways to resolve this :
- Cross-compile the examples for the Raspberry PI from a decent computer
- Retrieve the split sources of QCustomPlot to compile it as a shared library, the files are much smaller so it should work better

Use make -j1