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Compilation error while building QCP1.2 with Qt5.2 (mingw)Return to overview

Hi Emanual,
I have downloaded the Qt 5.2 beta and during building it ( gcc 4.8.1 on windows 7 and Qt 5.2) I got following error:

qcustomplot_resource.rc-8- error- syntax error

File not found qcustomplot_resource.rc

How can I solve this Issue?

Hi Mostafa,

Is this done with a fully clean build? Does it happen with a minimal project, e.g. just an empty QCustomPlot widget on the form with no additional code in the project?

QCustomPlot doesn't use external resources nor need a resource.rc file, so it seems to me there is something wrong with the build system or project you're using. How does the .pro file look?