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Hi Emanual,
First of all I want to thank again and again for fantastic library and support.
It seems there is a bug in forum and its comments that sometimes it makes them duplicate!

Yeah, I know, I can't figure out why! :D

Should not happen again now. Not sure what the reason is, because actually the javascript of the "post" button prevents accidental multi-clicks by setting its own onclick code to an empty string. Further the doubleposts sometimes appear minutes after the original post. Very strange stuff.

Anyhow, the forum now checks whether the thread/post already exists before posting new content.

When i post in forum and then i want to refresh it, a dialog ask something!!! If ok clicked, then it will post it again!

Thanks for that hint Mostafa, that was it. The refresh of course caused the post request to be re-sent (that's what the browser warns you about). I've now implemented the so-called post/redirect/get pattern which sends a 303 redirect header after successful forum posts. This makes your browser re-get the actual page and thus not re-send the post request upon refresh.