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I would like to know if it's possible to enter a 2D array (my_data[][]) directly when creating my instance of a QCPColorMapData instead of looping twice (on x-Axis and y-Axis) and using setCell?

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english, i'm french



I think you can not. By looking at the description of the class members, there seem to be only methods for setting data in a cell by cell manner.

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Hi, someone may need this solution in 2019 :)

Add the replaceMap function below to the QCPColorMapData class.

void replaceMap(double *newMap)
    mData = newMap; 
    mDataModified = true;

Prepare your map data as 1D array.

double my_data[row*column];

Set element to your 1D array as show below.

void setElement(int x, int y, double z)
    my_data[x*column + y] = z;

Replace the map data.


That method you posted is a bit dangerous, because it never adapts or checks the size of the passed array...