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I basically want to create a line with diamonds on the points (scatter shapes), but I want to skip points. I have data coming in at 200Hz. Drawing every point just makes a thick line. I would like to show a diamond on every 10th point as an example. Is there an easy way to do this? I realize I could just make one graph plot a solid line and then make another with only diamonds and only the points I want to see. Storing this data twice though is wasteful and I may not have the memory to do it.


Hi Mike,

I know that your question was posted quite long ago, but nobody has answered it so far. If you are still interested in plotting every Nth point using QCustomPlot you can write me back and I will explain you how to do it quickly (by slightly modifying the package source code).

My e-mail: alex.shevtsov1988 -at- gmail.com

Best wishes,

void QCPGraph::setScatterSkip ( int  skip)