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Hello everyone,
I am new to QCustomPlot. I want to make real time plot using QCustomPlot in Android .I am experimenting with performance of realTimeDemo. It works great in a desktop environment (Win7, i7 Processor) with 550+FPS. However in Android 4.2 with dual core processor, it is approx. 40FPS. So it creates clear lag in plotting . Minimum expected is 60 FPS. Please suggest, how can it be improved. Thanks in advance.


i was able to get better performance using the following settings for each graph





Thanks kaarl. But in android, the performance is still poor.
Is it optimized for android?
Generate any pattern and deploy to any android device. You can clearly see the lag in plotting. It is worse, if any other application is open.
Any help is appreciated.

I am struggling getting QCustomPlot running on Android.

I try to port a running desktop app to Android but linker can not find library.

error: cannot find -lqcustomplotd
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

I copied the libqcustomplot.so files to the root of the project where the .pro file is located and appended this to .pro file.

# Tell the qcustomplot header that it will be used as library:

# Link with debug version of qcustomplot if compiling in debug mode, else with release library:
CONFIG(debug, release|debug) {
  win32:QCPLIB = qcustomplotd1
  else: QCPLIB = qcustomplotd
} else {
  win32:QCPLIB = qcustomplot1
  else: QCPLIB = qcustomplot
LIBS += -L./ -l$$QCPLIB

Do I have to cross-compile QCustomPlott for Android?
How did you achieved compiling and using this great lib on Android?

The simplest solution is the best solution.

Just added the qcustomplot sources to the .pro file and run.

I know this is a old post. but modify qcustomplotd1 to qcustomplotd2 and qcustomplot1 to qcustomplot2. then compile.