QCustomPlot Discussion and Comments

Confused: 'void QCPGraph::setData(QCPDataMap *,bool)': Converting parameter 1 from 'QVector<T>' to 'QCPDataMap *' not possibleReturn to overview

            QVector<float> x(5000), y(5000);
            ui->plot->graph(0)->setData(x, y);

what is wrong here?

Comparing with the example:

            QVector<double> x(101), y(101); 
            customPlot->graph(0)->setData(x, y);

I got it! No floats for setData :)

Another question:
When using setData in a loop, with copy set to true, can I give it new values all the time without it loosing some after xx values? Question: Is there a maximum amount of data it can handle?