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Can you show Scatter symbols only at certain cordinatesReturn to overview

As the title says Im wondering if you can by any chance make scatter symbols only appear on certain coordinates.

I have 2 theories of how to do it. 1st is to basically make a new line that only have the certain coordinates wanted defined. For example:

	  QVector<double> x(250);
	  QVector<double> y0(250);
	  QVector<double> y1(250);
	  for (int i=0; i<250; ++i)
	    x[i] = i;
	    y0[i] = 2 * x[i] + (-2); //y = kx + m

	    if (i == 100 || i == 200) //Only add points to certain cords, possible?
	    	y1[i] = 2 * x[i] + (-2); //y = kx + m

2nd one is to use these methods to draw the scatter symbol on a certain cord:

void QCPScatterStyle::applyTo(QCPPainter * painter, const QPen & defaultPen) const

void QCPScatterStyle::drawShape(QCPPainter * painter, double x, double y) const

However I have no clue how to use these methods. Can even drawShape() draw a scatter point symbols?
Example would be very appreciated on using these methods.
A question Im having regarding these methods is what this painter in QCPPainter * painter is in more detail.

Thanks on advance!

Ok seems like the easisest approach for this is basically to add the specific coordinates by using the

addData(double key, double value) 

If Im not wrong. Very powerful lib indeed!