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I have created a plot with some graphs and a tracer for every graph.

What is the best way to have all the tracers on the top of the graphs always(Do i have to remove them and add them again?)?

Layers control the rendering order.

So you can create a new layer (QCustomPlot::addLayer) above the main layer (that new layer will still be below the axis layer) and place all your tracers on that layer. This way they will appear above the graphs on main.

Have a look at the QCPLayer documentation for some more details about the system.

well done :) Thanks Emanuel.

Will this affects performance of the plots?

No, the same things are drawn, just at different times.

I made the codes myself to use for my project.

You can move text item, arrow and wave bracket by mouse.
And you can resize the arrow and wave bracket by mouse.

I posted those on github : https://github.com/jcsu1835/QCustomPlot

I hope this will be helpful.