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How to make that when resizing the widget schedule does not stretch[1], and would increase viewing area [2]?

Hi mrZurg,

this can be archieved with a overwrite of the wdigets resizeEvent your customplot is in. I tried to implement this idea. This code seems to be a good starting point:

void MainWindow::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *event)
    double right = ui->customPlot->axisRect()->margins().right();
    double left = ui->customPlot->axisRect()->margins().left();

    if(event->oldSize().width() < 0)

    double factor = ( ((double)event->oldSize().width() - left - right ) / ui->customPlot->xAxis->range().size() );

                ((double)event->size().width() - left - right )  / factor );

However, this code is buggy. It only works for positive ranges and extends only the right side of the range.

~ Markus