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Ability to add and also select and move a point on the plot itselfReturn to overview

Is it possible via the interaction methods to allow for selection of a point on an already plotted graph and move that
points y or x axis value using a drag and drop mouse click action. Then after all changes are done to retrieve the new data from the plot?

Sort of backwards from plotting from the data. The idea is to click and add points to the chart, interconnect the points together left to right and then save that data off for use later after one gets the plot looking like they want it to look.

Thank you...

Curtis Rubel

I'm also interested in having an answer to that question.
Is it possible to drag a single point of a curve, drawing the new curve on release?

This interests me greatly. It's basically the only thing that I am not sure whether qcustomplot can perform. Can someone answer this please?

I need to do something like that, but I can not find how to do it.