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Welcome to the new QCustomPlot website and forum!

Great job on the new website!

Dear DerManu,<br>What a great job! :) Congratulations.<br>A question about the Logarithm Scale. Could it be possible to display any negative number of axis-tick in plot scale. I'm trying to plot a number, such as &quot;log(0.1)=-1&quot; instead of &quot;log(0)=NaN&quot;, but I can't see any negative. Just wondering if there's a way to view it?<br>Thanks. <br>

Hi Rick,<br>If I understand correctly, you don't actually want a log scale. What you need is a linear scale and a log() function applied to the data's y values.

<span class="typewriter">Grate QT project! Thank you DerManu!</span>

When will you publish 1.0.0?

Very likely on 1. August. But that's not a fixed date, which is why I haven't published it on the website. In case something big comes up, I will have to postpone the release, of course.

Great Plotting Library, Thanks!

Great Libray and Great Support. Thanks!!