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I have tried with Qt Assistant versions 5.1.0 and 4.8.2, help file images from the latest full package can't be displayed nor in qt assistant neither in qt creator help mode. mingw48_32, windows 7

Hello everyone!
I am a newbie with the QT framework and the qcustomplot library, too. I am very impressed on the convinience of coding and ease of documentation access within the qt creator editor. I want to learn to use the qcustomplot library, but I was a bit sad to find out that compressed documentation file provided with the library didn't display it's images in the qt assistant. I was trying to figure out the issue by myself but no success, I recompiled qt assistant from source code but the same no images. I found diff file against 4.6 version of the Qt that could fix the problem, but it was found to be not applicable for the later versions because of major changes in the sources.
Does anybody have the same trouble? What versions of qt assistant are you using?
Thank you for your support.

I happen not to have any images in the Qt Assistant, too. My configuration is Windows 7, 64 bit, Qt Assistant version 4.8.1. My workaround (not so much work as around:) is to view the html-help whenever I found myself in the need of the missing images. Which in my case quickly became virtually never since there are not so many images in the help.

Yep, the no-images-in-help-file issue is fixed in the 1.0.1 which will be released in a few days. :)

(In case anyone's interested: It's due to a Doxygen quirk. It can't handle when the IMAGE_PATH is equal to the html output directory. I used to have a script which copies all the images into the html output dir and then runs Doxygen. While that works well for the html documentation, it seems to run into some Doxygen-internal problems when generating the qch.)

Thank you, I will be looking forward impatiently

I've just released 1.0.1, so the QCP documentation should now show images when viewed with QtAssistant again.