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Trick for the creation of a Polar ChartReturn to overview

A Polar Chart are a particular type of Parametric Chart.
Even if the Polar Chart isn't included directly into QCustomPlot, you can create one of this with a mathematical trick.

r(t) = (5*t-2)^2 --- Polar Function to represent

You can convert this function in a Parametric function in this way:

X(t) = r(t)*COS(t)
Y(t) = r(t)*SIN(t)

that is

X(t) = (5*t-2)^2*COS(t)
Y(t) = (5*t-2)^2*SIN(t)

With this parametric equations you can use the Parametric Plot of the QCustomPlot library to build your own Polar chart without the direct use of a "Polar Chart Function".