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Is it possible to select the range of the graph with the mouse and get points from that range?

Like drawing a selection rectangle and then retrieving the coordinates of the selected area?

This can be implemented easily by reacting to the mouse signals and creating a QCPItemRect accordingly.

Thanks. Now I have a problem with event coordinate. This code create rect but signal from event get not scaled values.

void MainWindow::press(QCPAbstractPlottable* abstractPlottable , QMouseEvent* event)
    QCPItemRect* rect = new QCPItemRect(abstractPlottable->parentPlot());
    rect->bottomRight->setCoords(event->x(), event->y());

I'm not sure what you're trying to do, maybe you can elaborate a bit.

Qt's mouse events always give pixel coordinates as pos() or x() and y(). I'm not sure this is what you want, you might need to transform the coordinates with QCPAxis::pixelToCoord, on the respective axes (e.g. xAxis for the horizontal and yAxis for the vertical dimension.)