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I see my friends create above program. They simulate something called PID Controller (I don't know what PID is). It is a simulator. It can simulate real-time a PID system when the user can change the P, I, or D value on the fly and the signal graphics will be changed (influenced) real time and animated. I wanna do it in Linux with Qt Creator. Only in Linux, please no Windows.

My question is:
Can QCustomPlot be used for dynamic real-time simulation (and must can handle on the fly input again)? If yes, what example here that quite close with my need? I wanna learn it.

Thank you.


Yes, QCustomPlot can do real-time plotting. Have a look at the "real-time data demo" in the examples project.

Thank you, Mr. DerManu. I need YES answer. I will learn it first then maybe come here again to ask you.