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I'm using QCustomplot in my application together with some other libraries (like libmodbus). In my about window I would like to put the name of the libraries I have used together with the version number. Libmodbus has defines with major, minor and revision numbers. So when I update the library, the version number are automatically updated.

I can do this easily myself, but then I need to change it when I update the library.

Can you also add this to QCustomplot?

Did this ever get a response? It would be very convenient to know version of QCustomPlot at compile time -- I have perused the source code and do not see anything, but I could be missing something.

I'll add a QCUSTOMPLOT_VERSION and QCUSTOMPLOT_VERSION_STR from now on (starting from 2.0.1 and 1.4.0), in the same way Qt does it.

#define QCUSTOMPLOT_VERSION 0x020001