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QCP2 and Gaps in Time Series DataReturn to overview

Having read the recent news about the very interesting new features of QAxisTicker class, I did not see it specified that gaps in time-series data would be handled internally.

Although I assume in-homogeneous tick steps may infer that use case, I was hoping for some clarification. Financial market data is one type of series where this feature is very much needed.. most preferably as in internal feature and not a customization per se.

Thank you so much for this wonderful library,

I also would like to see that QCP2 would handle the gaps in time-series data internally. Currently, I used two graphs to combine them together.


Emmanuel, any feedback here?

I'm getting closer to release and there's a lot that's great with this library, but have been banging my head against this and a few other things for a while.

Here's a screenshot: