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I want to know if I can manage to somehow let my graph be auto ranged? I sometimes have to write meters over seconds for 30 ms and sometimes for 40000.

I have to add: I tried to play with rescaleAxes(); and rescaleAxes(true); but my graph than only focuses on the last axe.

ok... i got it :)


does not really work great. I tried to build a graph with a proceeding time axis, but didnt really work - now I count milliseconds with


instead :(


Please tell me what "does not really work great", i.e. what code did you use, what happened and what did you expect to happen?

yeah sorry. that error descripton sucked.

With the setDateTimeFormat() option I did not get an autorange effect, but an graph full of 000 on this axis (or 0 if I did use "z" instead of "zzz"). So the xAxis was from 000 to 000.